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The oldest holiday resort of Lake Balaton

Balatonfüred can be visited for more or less 200 years by the people who want to relax – that make Balatonfüred the oldest holiday resort over the “Hungarian sea”, Lake Balaton. After the Hungarian conciliation, the city served as a meeting point for politicians and artists. Nowadays, tourists come here on their holiday to relax, to bath, to enjoy the sandy beach. On the other hand regional cultural events and festivals become more and more popular. The holiday and health, the wine culture of the territory and the ship factory are the most popular attraction of Balatonfüred.  cross swimming race and the International Kékszalag Sailing competition happen anually. Also when we talk about Balaton we must not forget its wonderful Langos which has its own taste at the lake side and the unforgettable fried Fish which has caught from the lake, these tastes intive you back to the lake continuously. Balaton has its own uniqueness and beauty that nothing can pass to you. It’s definetly worth to visit by you to see it.