Insurance Policy

Basic and Additional Insurance Options 


All rental rates include the Third Party Liability insurance of the car.

In case Budget rental vehicle is damaged, stolen or not returned during the rental period, the renter is fully responsible for the whole loss or damage. Please note, this applies in case the Basic Damage (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP) are not purchased or the price does not include it.

Renters with an insurance from a third party insurance or credit card company, will be charged for the whole value of damage or loss . 

1. SCDW; T&G; SCDW+ can be purchased only if Basic Protections are purchased or included in the rate.
2. SCDW+ includes SCDW and T&G
3. T&G covers only damage to windshield, windows and tires
4. Exclusions: damage to tires; wheels; rims; windshield and windows are not covered
5. Exclusions: damage to tires; wheels; rims; windshield and windows are not covered
6. Exclusions: damage to wheels, rims and costs of; field-work and towing are not covered
7. Excess to pay per occurrence
Vehicle groups contain the following categories (vehicle category is indicated on the Rental Agreement)
Group I.: EDMR “A”; CDMR “B”; CWMR “F”, EDAH „H”, MCMR „N”
Group II.: IDMR “C”; IDAR “G”; IFMR “K”; SDMR “D”; SVMR “M”; FVMR “O”, CWAH „I” IFAR „P” 
Group III.: SDAR “L”, FDAR “E” , IVAR „J” 


None of the above waivers will cover you for any claim arising from, or consisting of, the following

  • Any damage that occurs as a result of use of alcohol or drugs (other than drugs prescribed by a medical practitioner).
  • Loss or damage to property inside the Budget vehicle
  • Required documents (Description of accident; Declaration; copy of driving licence; accident report, police report) are not filled out correctly,
    signed and handed over to Budget 
  • Damage or failure caused by defective handling or use of improper fuel
  • Damage to interior
  • Loss of vehicle’s equipment
  • Loss documents; key or licence plate of the vehicle
  • Documents and car key of the stolen vehicle is not returned
  • Clutch failure
  • Cost of towing
  • Any additional cost related to the accident; damage or breakdown (eg. accommodation, flight ticket)


We would like to call your kind attention to the followings:

  • All Budget vehicles except category can be taken abroad only with written permission issued by Budget Hungary into countries of the Schengen area (except Greece). The following Budget vehicle groups( “A”; ”B”; „C”; „D”; ”F”; ”G”; “H”; “I”; „J”; ”K”;”M”; „N”; ”O”; „P”) can be taken into the following countries with special conditions: Bosnia-Herzegovina; Montenegro; Romania; Serbia and Macedonia. All other countries are prohibited to enter. Budget Vehicle group “L” and ”E” can not be taken to the previously listed countries.
  • At the time of pick up / drop off of Budget vehicle, a Car Condition Report will be filled out and signed by the renter and a Budget employee. In case of Car Condition Report is not signed by the customer at the time of drop off (eg. vehicle is returned out of office, out of opening hours or customer does not wait for the checking of the vehicle) can be interpreted as acceptance of vehicle condition statement.