Budget Convenience Services

We do everything to make your drive comfortable

Let the others drive, too --- Additional Driver for 30 EUR/driver/rental
Go on a long way --- E-toll for the highways starting from 15 EUR/10 days or 20 EUR/30 days
Broaden your horizon, go to Schengen area countries --- Border Crossing Fee for 30 EUR/rental
Just relax --- Extra insurances starting from 9 EUR/day Insurances
Don’t get lost --- GPS for 7 EUR/day
Thinking of the young ones ---- Child seat and infant seat for 7 EUR/day, booster seat for 5 EUR/day
For the cold weather: Winter Tires are included in all of our prices between 1st November and 15th March
Late night arrival? Pick up Out of Office Hours for 15 EUR/hour 
The service is only available from the Airport

Egyéb Díjak
Car CategoryBorder Crossing Fee1
Non-Schengen Fee2
Child Seat3
Booster Seat4
GpsAdditional DriverE-tollOut of Office Hours

A,B,F,H,N30 €50 €7 €5 €7 €30 €15 €15 €
C,D,G,I,K,P,M30 €130 €7 €5 €7 €30 €15€ (30 O cat.) 
15 €
E, L, J, O30 €Nem engedélyezett 7 €5 €7 €30 €15 €15 €
1. Applies to all Schengen area countries + Croatia and Switzerland
2. Applies to the following countries: Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia. All other countries are not allowed to visit. s.
3. 9-35 kg
4. More than 35 kg

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