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Get ready for this fascinating adventure that extends from Hungary to Transylvania, all the way to Dracula's Castle! If you are considering an unforgettable journey to Transylvania, full of legends, renting a car with Budget will be your best choice. Get ready for this fascinating journey thanks to the affordable prices, wide range of vehicles and excellent customer service offered by Budget!

Planning the Road Trip

A trip to Transylvania requires careful planning. This ensures that your trip is smooth and enjoyable. When planning your trip, consider:

  • Weather: Transylvania's climate can vary depending on the season. Check the weather forecast before your travel date.
  • Route selection: Determine the duration of your journey and your accommodation in advance.
  • Budget: Calculate accommodation, food, fuel and other expenses.

A Detailed Itinerary

The journey from Budapest to Dracula's Castle hosts many historical and cultural attractions:

  • Departure from Budapest: Leave Budapest early and head towards your first stop, Cluj-Napoca.
  • Cluj-Napoca: Here, you can take a city tour and visit historical sites.
  • Crossing to Bran: Cross from Cluj-Napoca to Bran and visit Dracula's Castle.

Diving Deeper into Legends

Transylvania is famous for the legend of Dracula. However, the region is not limited to this legend only. There are many stories that Dracula really lived. During your journey, you can delve deeper into the history of the region by listening to the legends told by the locals.

Experience Local Delights

Transylvania's local cuisine is known for its delicious dishes:

  • Mămăligă: It is a traditional dish made from corn flour.
  • Sarmale: It is a dish consisting of rice and meat wrapped in cabbage leaves.
  • Kürtőskalács: A sweet bread coated with sugar and baked in a rotary oven.

Practical Tips for The Journey

Choose Romanian Leu as the currency you will take with you.
Determine gas stations and accommodation along the route in advance.
Plan your travel date considering local holidays and events.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best method of transportation?
  • The best way for this journey is to rent a car. Budget is here to help you easily rent the car that suits your needs!
  • How long does the whole trip take?
  • The journey from Budapest to Dracula's Castle takes approximately 8-10 hours.
  • Are there guided tours from Budapest?
  • Yes, guided tours from Budapest to Transylvania are available.
  • Are there any other attractions besides Dracula's Castle?
  • Yes, Transylvania is home to many historical and cultural sites.
  • What language is commonly spoken in the region?
  • The Romanian language is widely spoken in the region.
  • Is there accommodation at Dracula's Castle?
  • No, there is no accommodation in the castle, but there are many accommodation options in nearby areas.
At the end of this unique journey from Hungary to Transylvania, you will definitely see the difference of meeting the advantages offered by Budget. Especially after a long journey, you can easily return your vehicle and feel safe. Plus, you can start planning your next adventure now with Budget's special offers and discounts between Budapest and Transylvania. Remember, there are many more places to explore and Budget is ready to take you there!

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