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Rent a car service has become an important need for individuals today.
Individuals can rent a car from Budget in line with their needs, either daily or monthly.

Daily Car Rental

One of the car rental options is daily car rental. The point to be considered in the daily car rental process is to carefully review the car rental conditions. Rental days are counted in 24 hours starting from the pick up time. Rental period dates and times are clearly stated in the rental agreement and is based on the reservation. Although Customers’ can request a change of drop off date, time and location. Daily car rental prices may vary depending on vehicles and seasons. The minimum age limit and driver's license period may also vary according to the requested car category.

Monthly Car Rental

One of the most profitable car rental options is monthly car rental. Monthly car rental can be done from 1 month to 12 months. It is very important to make a reservation as early as possible, as there may be seasonal changes in terms of monthly car rental transactions. It is necessary to comply with the return date determined when making monthly car rental. One of the most important points by customers of monthly car rentals is the amount of fuel the vehicle consumes per kilometer. Especially those who want to travel at an affordable price can benefit from economy class vehicles.

What Are the Differences Between Daily Car Rental and Monthly Car Rental Options?

There are no major differences between daily and monthly car rentals. Elements such as the duration of the driver's license, age limit and deposit amount vary according to the type of vehicle, not the duration of the rental. Therefore, there are no significant differences in the rental agreement and terms. Monthly rentals can be calculated at a more affordable price when compared to daily rentals. Especially people who benefit from car rental campaigns can make both daily and monthly rentals at a much more affordable price. To conclude, the important point when renting a car is the customer's needs.