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IMPORTANT: Service is provided in case of availability in the offices.
Product Winter Tire
Description It is an additional service for you to have a safe journey in cold weather. Winter tires are safer and have better grip on cold, slippery roads.
The above additional product can be purchased at the office.
Product Additional Driver
Description We provide this service so that the vehicle can be used by drivers other than the renter. Every driver who drives the vehicle must be on the rental agreement.
Product GPS
Description A portable or built-in navigation system to help you get to your destination faster and easier.
Product Child/Booster seat
Description It is a service that is provided in order to fulfill the legal safety requirements that children under a certain height and weight must be in a specific seat in the car. For children between 9 and 35 kg we provide child seats, for children over 35 kg weight but under 150cm height we provide booster seats. It is advisable to request the seats at the time of reservation but it can also be requested at the rental desk up to the availability.
Product Young Driver
Description If a driver is under 21 but over 18 and has had a drivers license for at least one year, most of our cars can be rented by paying the young driver fee. For higher car categories (e.g. luxury, minibus), the minimum age is 25, but the same rule can be applied for renters with the age over 21.
Product E-toll
Description We have payable highways in Hungary and our colleagues can help with the registration of the vehicle if it is needed for your travel. Toll fees are common in Europe, but unfortunately we can only help with the Hungarian vignettes.
The above additional product can be purchased at the office.
Product Border crossing
Description If you would like to travel to countries outside Hungary, you will have to pay a border crossing fee. We have two types of border crossing fees:
  • Border Crossing fee: Applies to all Schengen area countries + Switzerland.
  • Non-Schengen fee: Applies to the following countries: Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia. All other countries are not allowed to visit. High class cars are not allowed to be taken to non schengen countries.
The above additional products can be purchased at the office.