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How about a wonderful day trip in Debrecen, Hungary's second largest city?
Debrecen is located in the north east of Hungary and has many historical and cultural sights. It is also a great starting point for exploring the many interesting cities in the area.
Debrecen is famous for its historical architecture, cultural events and delicious food. It also has many historical sites. The most important historical sites in the city include the Great Reformed Church, the Dery Museum and the Modern Art Museum. You can also take a nice walk in the Nagyerdei Park and immerse yourself in nature's arms.

What Awaits You in Debrecen?
There are tram, bus and train lines in the city. The tram is the most popular form of public transport in the city center and can be used to reach many attractions. The tram network provides transport to Debrecen's historic districts and other cities around it.
Debrecen is also famous for its thermal baths. The city specializes in providing health and wellness to its visitors with its various thermal baths and spas. The most popular thermal baths include the Aquaticum Thermal and Wellness Hotel and the Hajduszoboszlo Thermal Spa.
A Day in Debrecen
You can start the day with a visit to the Great Reformed Church early in the morning. Built in the 19th century, the church is one of the symbolic structures of Debrecen. It attracts attention with its high tower and neoclassical architecture. The interior of the church is also quite impressive and is open for visitors.
For lunch, you can taste one of Debrecen's famous dishes, Hortobágyi Palacsinta. This traditional Hungarian dish consists of crepe dough stuffed with meat and vegetable filling and served with a garlic sour cream sauce. Restaurants and cafes are located in the center of the city and offer many options for dining.
It§s worth to visit the Dery Museum as well. The museum houses many artifacts describing the history and culture of Debrecen. Artifacts on display include works by local artists, archaeological remains from ancient times, and documents describing the most important events in Hungarian history.
For dinner, you can choose a restaurant where you can taste the delicious food of Hungary. The country is famous for its meat dishes, goulash, paprika chili dishes and desserts. After your meal, you may want to go to Nagyerdei Park. This park is famous for its natural beauty, walking and bike paths.
Address of Relaxation: Thermal Baths
Aquaticum Thermal and Wellness Hotel is located near to the Nagyerdei Park and the Zoo. It offers indoor and outdoor thermal pools, steam rooms, sauna and massage facilities. There is also an on-site restaurant, cafe, gym and provides accomodation as well.
Hajduszoboszlo Thermal Spa is in a resort town about 20 kilometers east of Debrecen. It offers a large thermal pool, spa area, steam room, sauna and massage facilities. There is also a restaurant, cafe and gym on site.
Rent a car to get to Debrecen
The vehicle you need to get to Debrecen and to visit all the natural beauties, history of the city and relax in the legendary thermal baths is at Budget! You can reach us from our phone number or website to find the most suitable vehicle for your needs.

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