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How about going on an extraordinary journey to discover the magical cities of Hungary and the surrounding countries? Here is an unforgettable European road trip with the route Esztergom, Győr and Bratislava! These three magnificent cities should definitely be on your list of places to visit with their historical beauties, natural wonders and delicious cuisine!

Esztergom: Historical Capital of Hungary
Our first stop, Esztergom, is one of the oldest and most important historical cities in Hungary. Places to visit here include the Archbishop's Palace, the Royal Castle, and St. Adalbert's Cathedral. You can also explore the beauties of the city by taking a romantic walk along the riverside.
It is not possible to leave the city without visiting Esztergom Castle. This 10th-century castle is of great importance as it was the first capital of Hungary. From here, you can take a wonderful walk along the Danube and experience the fascinating harmony of nature and history.
Győr: Masterpieces of Baroque Architecture
After Esztergom, our next stop is Győr. Győr, one of the most beautiful historical cities in Hungary, fascinates especially with Káptalan Hill and its historical city center. You will feel yourself in time travel while walking through the historical streets.
This city, which is smaller than Hajdúszoboszló, is a place where you can see the best examples of baroque architecture. Győr Cathedral, Esterházy Palace and historical houses on the banks of the Rába River are among the most important touristic spots of the city. On the banks of the Rába River, you can have a pleasant time at the historical bridges and cozy cafes along the river. The city's lively nightlife and delicious Hungarian cuisine will also allow you to collect unforgettable memories.
Bratislava: The Glamorous Capital of Slovakia
Our last stop, Bratislava, is a city that draws attention with its historical and modern architectural structure. Bratislava Castle, St. Martin's Cathedral and Republic Square are among the most popular tourist areas of the city. In addition, you will not be able to get enough of the energy and atmosphere of the city by walking around the magnificent streets of Bratislava.
Bratislava Castle, one of the most important structures of the city, impresses its visitors with its panoramic city view and historical texture. The Slavín Monument, located right next to the castle, It was erected to commemorate the Soviet soldiers who lost their lives in World War II and is home to an impressive history and sad story.
Blue Church, one of the most charming corners of Bratislava, this unique structure built in Art Nouveau style has become one of the symbols of the city. Do not leave without visiting this church, which will add life to your photos with its colorful and fun atmosphere.
Delicious Slovak cuisine is another experience you should definitely try in Bratislava. Among the traditional dishes, "bryndzové halušky" (a dish served with small potato gnocchi and bryndza cheese), meat dishes and desserts will appeal to your taste buds.
Extra: Other European Attractions
After discovering Esztergom, Győr and Bratislava, if you want to visit other beautiful cities of Europe; Villány is famous for its wines, the streets of Vienna full of art and history, the vibrant nightlife of Zagreb, the magical atmosphere of Prague, the romantic canals of Venice and the historical buildings of Krakow are waiting for you. Don't forget, Lake Balaton offers a refreshing break to those who are tired of the heat in the summer months.
Hungary Car Rental
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